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Hi there,    I'm Gabbi!

             I am a musical theater aficionado and an overall storyteller.  I work as an actor, singer and dancer who adores intense scene study as well as fully dancing an 8 minute number. I am challenged by new works and this has where my career has brought me so far since my graduation. I look forward to seeing where these projects take me as well as doing upcoming work by famous composers like Dave Malloy and Sondheim who I have idolized for years. I feel most at home in live performance and have become a regular performer at 54 Below, Don't Tell Mamas and Bar 9. I am thrilled to be premiering my own work at 54 Below on May 29th alongside my collaborator and friend Finnigan B. Faye as apart of their songwriting collection!


 rat am also a writer of my own music, poems and plays, having performed my original music at many NYC venues including 54 Below.

actor, singer, dancer, playwright, musical director and musician albums, singles and demos for multiple up and coming composers and also hosted podcast interviews with incredible theater artists​.  I am also a writer of my own music, poems and plays, having performed my original music at many NYC venues including 54 Below.

 Having graduated from the  Musical Theater BFA program at The University of the Arts in '22  I am very grateful to have worked on a large range of pieces; working on established musicals as well as new works and evolving workshops and I can't want to continue my work! It is was gives me life and brings me joy. My goal is to build joy, inclusion, intersectionality and collaboration through my art!


         In my down time I adore reading, taking a long bike ride, making a good latte, or upcycling my latest thrift find. 

Click around to see my latest work! Lovely to meet you!

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Resume &

Gallery an Video





Video Content


Vocal Reel

Dance Reel

Back To Black 

Catching Fireflies

      Crazy Pillz : 
    Original Music 

Stage Combat Scene

Negative Behavior: 
    Original Music 

House Of The Rising Sun 



Click photos for more music!

Album cover - CF.jpeg

      Music of Composer
            Bella Faye


     The Legend Of
     Sleepy Hollow

     The Story Of
     The  Bagel




54 Below Sings Cartoons!


The World According to Finnigan Faye & Gabbi McCarren



Gabbi has been invited by her incredibly TALENTED friend Sofia Marchese to sing  a duet at her new York Cabaret Debut. Come out to Bar Nine September 27th to hear us singing a car karaoke classic. 




54 Below Sings Emo! Do you want a blast from the early 2000s past?  Come down to 54 Below on October 25th to hear me sing a Paramore Classic!

               ALBUM IN PROGRESS


Gabbi is currently working on her first EP: running title Negative Behavior. She is in collaboration with Adam Gloc and James Rubino and the album will be release at the Beginning  of 2024. If you are interested and want a sneak peak, click here to listen! 

                 Comeback Cabaret 


Gabbi will be performing  in the Comeback Cabaret at 7pm on May 8th at Don't Tell Mamas, directed by Sarah Laursen. She is lucky enough to be singing "Lost in the Brass" from Band Geeks with some other amazing other actors !

               CONCEPT ALBUM : 

                 Catching Fireflies 

Gabbi is so lucky to have revived her role of  Ember in the original cast recording of  Catching Fireflies : A New Musical, written and directed by Bella Faye. This is her second time reprising the role, also playing Ember in the second workshop at Feinstein’s/ 54 Below and originating the role in the musical's debut in November 2021 at Don’t Tell Mama.


  Music of Bella Faye & Friends 

Gabbi has been asked to music direct and perform the work of her collaborator and good friend Bella Faye (as well as her own work) on the night of April 26th, 2023, a concert to honor and show the work of the young composer. This will be her third time performing at the venue and she could not be more thrilled or in awe! This will be the first time she presents her own work at this venue. The work presented is apart of an album still in the works!

               The Story of The Bagel 


In her 2nd collaboration with John Brautigan Gabrielle plays the young astronaut Dr. Sophie Chapman  in the workshop and original recording of "The Story of the Bagel". It will be rehearsing and recording during May 2022.

                    Sleepy Hollow 


Gabbi was cast as the lead performer and narrator in the recording of John Brautigan's Sleepy Hollow. This is the first recording since the 2018 production and a cast recording video as well as a  production recording will be coming out in December of 2022!

Catching Fireflies : A New Musical


Gabbi is starring as Ember in Catching Fireflies : A New Musical, written and directed by Bella Faye, having its second workshop at Feinstein’s/ 54 Below May 26th at 9:30 pm. Gabrielle is reprising her role from the musical's debut in November 2021 at Don’t Tell Mama.

Album cover - CF.jpeg

                         Crimson Lit


Gabbi is currently in rehearsals for Jill Sobule and Krista Knight’s new musical Crimson Lit which will be performed as part of Philadelphia's Polyphone Festival. The show will be running April 13th-16th and is directed by Rose Freeman.



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